Sebastien Gay

Dr. Sebastien Gay is on the faculty at the University of Chicago Department of Economics.
He specializes in financial economics, empirical industrial organization, and law and economics. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago.

His latest research projects focus on empirical analysis of commercial and residential real estate, In particular, he works on buyers’ affordability, real estate agent expertise, and investment strategies.
He also works on financial economics and corporate governance.

Dr. Gay is also a George Mason University School of Law LEC (Law & Economics Center) Privacy Fellow. In particular, he studies the effect of privacy breaches on stock market returns for publicly traded companies. He also works on cyber insurance questions and disclosure laws effects on customers’ welfare.


Recent News

Dr. Sebastien Gay was a speaker at CIGO to define the role of the Chief Information Governance Officer.

Dr. Sebastien Gay was a guest in the Stream on Al Jazeera English about the real estate crisis in Spain.

Dr. Sebastien Gay was at the 2015 APEE conference presenting a paper on privacy breaches and strategic news bundling in April 2015.

Dr. Sebastien Gay’s latest article on the effect of eminent domain law on residential housing prices is available in the Vol. 89 of the Tulane Law Review.

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